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About Beaverland

Beaverland OÜ was established in February of 2009 with a purpose to provide accommodation service at the River Rose Guesthouse. The house is built newly and adjusted for an accommodation building.

The main activity is to provide accommodation services.
Catering and sauna services are also provided for the guests of the guesthouse. Customers may choose between two saunas. One of them is an earth sauna with a wooden stove built into an old earth cellar with arched ceilings. From this sauna you can go down the limestone stairs to Navesti River and jump in from the bridge. This will give a great opportunity to experience the real Estonian earth sauna.

The other sauna is a modern Finnish sauna in the house with an electric stove.
In addition, our customers can have an active and interesting time, enjoy the beautiful scenery, fish, observe the activities of animals and birds and capture it with a video or photo camera, see nature movies, go canoeing or cycling, etc. The location of the guesthouse is perfect for providing tourism services as it lies on the shore of Navesti River at a place with a beautiful scenery. On the opposite shore there is a nesting-place of beavers whose activities may be observed even with a naked eye. The nesting-place of beavers on the opposite shore inspired the owners of the company to name it Beaverland.

We provide year-round accommodation services and leisure possibilities for customers who look for a peaceful and recreational holiday away from cities and crowds.